Annemarie V.


“I have been complying with the ImuPro rotation + provocation plan for about six weeks and I am only eating tested food, apart from some slips in the beginning.

The success is incredible:

  • no more colic-like stomach-ache
  • no sick feeling, no diarrhoea
  • no more leaden feeling

I manage my household duties again without problems after every day professional life. Backache, earache, painful joints have disappeared. Bad mood and depression have completely disappeared. My colleagues tell me that I am like a different person, on an even keel, in a good mood and not as tetchy any more.

In the beginning, I had some problems finding the right food and getting used to complying with the ImuPro plan. In the meantime, eating and discovering new meals is great fun to me. My husband loves our varied cooking as well. I have lost five kilos although I did not really need to and I am eating more than before and I really enjoy it. To crown it all, my blood pressure continues to decrease. Until now, I had to take two tablets per day for my high blood pressure. Now, I only have to take one and a half tablets and my blood pressure has decreased further so that I probably can further lower the dose.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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