Eberhard F.


“I have been suffering from digestive trouble (diarrhoeas, flatulence) and several allergies and skin irritations for many years. I already have a long patient record with various physicians including various diagnoses and therapies.

Some weeks ago, I saw a dermatologist and she recommended the ImuPro test to me, indicating that the expenses might not be borne by the health insurance, but that she is convinced of the effect and of the value of this test.

I did the test, my private medical insurance paid it and I have stuck to the diet recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised by the extensive and informative documentation. The cookbook shows many tasty alternatives.

At first, the result of the test was crushing (49 foods tested IgG positive including dairy products!! and egg!!). But by now, my diet is more varied, nourishing and more wholesome than ever before.

My condition has improved considerably and I am slowly starting to lose weight. At the same time, I no longer feel as exhausted as before the change in diet although I do completely without coffee – the usual stimulant – and I do not compensate for it by drinking black tea.

In all, a convincing result. This begins to show in particular when I cannot stick to my diet plan during business trips abroad (e. g. business meals or unknown ingredients). I then have the old problems about two or three days later. After my return home and to the diet plan, these problems disappear again.

I am completely convinced of this IgG test and my case proves that I am right. I have already recommended the test to my family and friends. I even think that this test should be “mandatory” when other diagnostic and therapy methods have failed.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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