Marco Koch – Swimmer, gold medallist


“I constantly aim at improving my performance in the pool. Two years ago, I thought that changing my not-so-healthy-nutrition could help. Plus, I often suffered from stomach cramps after training sessions. Somebody recommended ImuPro to me, the test for IgG food allergy. I did the test and 72 foods were tested IgG positive, among them gluten, egg, milk and hazelnut. A kind of shock at first – I loved to eat bread rolls, pasta, pizza and things like that. But I would do just about everything to get faster in the pool. So I changed my diet according to the ImuPro concept. It took a while to get used to it and to find alternatives, especially for foods with gluten. Yet my mum is a great cook and she prepares my meals according to ImuPro when I’m at home in Darmstadt. When I’m travelling, I got used to simply take an extra suitcase along, full of gluten-free and other foods that are good for me.

After three to four weeks my condition got definitely better. The stomach cramps disappeared, I felt simply better when swimming, I have a lower resting heart rate now. I sleep less but feel more rested in the morning. Plus, I lost about four kilograms over time. Since I feel such a significant effect, I stick to the concept very strictly. In sum, I can say that ImuPro really contributed to my sporting success.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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