Mrs. F.C. mum to Adrian


“I would like to share my personal experience, which I hope will help you.
My son was covered with eczema from the age of two months and a half. The eczema first appeared on the belly and developed into covering almost his entire body, except for the location of the diaper and his face. When he was five months old, he was at the peak of this crisis. His eczema was oozing, squamous, the skin was severely attacked. He itched and scratched himself to blood. We consulted many doctors before finding the right one. In fact, we refused to treat the eczema with cortisone; we wanted particularly to find the cause and a cure as natural as possible.

Then I learned that there is a test called ImuPro, which detects possible IgG antibodies against up to 270 foods. Our son was tested IgG positive of varying degrees to 88 foods. He is intolerant to a large majority of fruits and vegetables as well as wheat and potatoes.

Following the results, we changed his diet and mine as well, because I am still breastfeeding. After a few days already, the rashes began to fade. We saw a real improvement after 2-3 weeks. Moreover, he finally started sleeping through the night, two teeth have come in. He started to sit up and to crawl. After one month and a half, the rashes on his belly disappeared completely, he still has only a few light rashes in the folds of the elbows and knees. They do not itch.

You should know that IgG testing is controversial, some physicians are in doubt. Yet we have seen a drastic improvement, perhaps due to a coincidence, but yet, I do not believe in coincidence.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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